Blog: 2024-01-16 Teaser - Support coordination

Support coordination

For better coordination of helpers and supporters, we have created a space for our supporters on out Discord server. Please contact us there, after you’ve created your account, and we will add you to the helper section! Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2024-01-11 Teaser - Support needed

Support needed!

Some of you offered help already, but slowly we’re able to be more specific what we’ll be needing help for: If you want to help – get in touch via our Discord, Facebook or Instagram! Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2024-01-10 Teaser - Contest level: Master

Contest level: Master

If you paint for a living, already won prizes and awards at other shows, or if you consistently place high in standard, this category is where you should enter. Be aware though, the competition might be stiff – however, only here you can truly find and compete against the best of the best. Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2024-01-06 Teaser - Vendor: Frank Miniatures

Vendor: Frank Miniatures

For more than 20 years, Frank Miniatures is a major player in the German painting community – not only with his own original historical range but also as a major trader with stock from more than 50 different manufacturers as well as some rare items. Webshop: Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2024-01-04 Teaser - Bembel-Community

Bembel Community

If you do not only want passive information about the Bembel but also active exchange and interaction with the other participants, maybe look for a room mate or a travel companion – take a look at our Discord Community. Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2024-01-03 Teaser - Contest level: Standard

Contest level: Standard

If you are new to competitions, paint solely for fun or are just not yet sure where to start, this is your level. Judging is a little less harsh, pieces will be judged mostly on the merits of the category and the competition is usually less fierce compared to Master. Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2024-01-01 Teaser - Happy new Year

Happy new year!

We wish you all a happy new year! We hope you all had a good transition. Happy painting and hobbying! Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2023-12-30 Teaser - Vendor: Steff's Kleynkrämerey

Vendor: Steff’s Kleynkrämerey

Steff’s Kleynkrämerey are: Steff, an enthusiastic miniature artist for over 25 years, and Fanni, the director’s squirrel. We offer you miniature painting workshops and painted as well as unpainted miniatures. Webshop: www.steffskleynkrä Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2023-12-27 Teaser - Contest category: Gaming

Contest category: Gaming

If you paint to play – no matter if it’s a board game, a tabletop, toys – take your squad, your faction, your heroes and villains and put them into “gaming”. Your best piece ever, that one special Hero or that one dramatic scene are probably better placed in the first two categories. Here we

Blog: 2023-12-25 Teaser - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a quiet and relaxing holiday season from the whole Bembel Miniature Cup team! Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

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