Preview Image: Participating Traders

Participating traders

The Bembel Miniature Cup does not only consist of the contest, meeting friends and having good conversations. We have invited a lot of traders and vendors to make you happy with wares. Following you can find an overview of our participating traders; where possible we added their webshops, so that you can already find inspiration prior to the show.

Please be aware that the trader portfolio could still change before the show.


Aradia Miniatures

Atelier Maket

Björn Balser

Centurion Miniatures

Dino Pivato Bases

Forge Lord 3D

Frank Miniatures

Fredericus Rex (stellvertretend durch Ulrich Biroth)

Golem Art

Grey Wolf Miniatures

Inu Kingdoms

Jupiter Miniatura / Benedikt Widmann

Kimera Models

Midgard Miniatures

Neko Galaxy

Oracz Art /
Owlsome Creations

Pegaso Models

Pinselen NL

Steff’s Kleynkrämerey

Zaba Art

Zwerg von Nettenscheid / Sockel and Bases

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