Blog: 2023-12-30 Teaser - Vendor: Steff's Kleynkrämerey

Vendor: Steff’s Kleynkrämerey

Steff’s Kleynkrämerey are: Steff, an enthusiastic miniature artist for over 25 years, and Fanni, the director’s squirrel. We offer you miniature painting workshops and painted as well as unpainted miniatures. Webshop: www.steffskleynkrä Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2023-12-17 Teaser - Vendor: Zwerg vom Nettenscheid

Vendor: Zwerg vom Nettenscheid

Plinths and bases – common as well as characterful as well as miniatures and busts from all corners of the world to match! Webshop: Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2023-11-28 Teaser - Shopping@Bembel


We will introduce our Vendors here as well, one after the other. We are happy to present many well known friends! Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

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