Blog: 2024-01-10 Teaser - Contest level: Master

Contest level: Master

If you paint for a living, already won prizes and awards at other shows, or if you consistently place high in standard, this category is where you should enter. Be aware though, the competition might be stiff – however, only here you can truly find and compete against the best of the best. Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2024-01-03 Teaser - Contest level: Standard

Contest level: Standard

If you are new to competitions, paint solely for fun or are just not yet sure where to start, this is your level. Judging is a little less harsh, pieces will be judged mostly on the merits of the category and the competition is usually less fierce compared to Master. Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2023-12-27 Teaser - Contest category: Gaming

Contest category: Gaming

If you paint to play – no matter if it’s a board game, a tabletop, toys – take your squad, your faction, your heroes and villains and put them into “gaming”. Your best piece ever, that one special Hero or that one dramatic scene are probably better placed in the first two categories. Here we

Blog: 2023-12-20 Teaser - Contest category: Expression / Storytelling

Contest category: Expression / Storytelling

If you want to communicate through your pieces – evoke a feeling, convey an idea, express an emotion, create an ambience or tell a story – go with Expression / Storytelling. It doesn’t matter what you paint – it’s what you say with it. Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup und #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2023-12-13 Teaser - Contest category: Painting / Sculpting / Technical

Contest category: Painting / Sculpting / Technical

If you want to show how well you can paint, how good your execution is, how superb your blending, texture, OSL, NMM, freehand, lighting, composition, contrast, anatomy etc. are, then Painting / Sculpting / Technical is your category, no matter the subject. Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

Blog: 2023-12-06 Teaser - Contest


The contest will consist of three categories this year: You can submit your entries in two levels: More information about the categories and levels to follow soon! Instagram: bembel_miniature_cup and #bembelminiaturecup24

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