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… us

We are talking about the “Bembel Miniature Cup” crew all the time, but who is actually hiding behind this?

We could just throw around names – and expect that many people of the community have seen us somewhen, or talked to us already. But this is not helping at all for those of us who have never attended a miniature show before.

Also, while the show is running, it is always better when you have seen our faces already – because that means you can spot us more easily in the masses. 🙂

Our mission is to create a platform where newbies to the hobby, interested and also the old-stagers can meet and exchange; a possibility to expand your hobby network, experience painting and models, as well as meeting friends and learn about the vast diversity of the hobby.

Also we happily welcome you to our Discord, at Facebook and Instagram, where a lot of miniature enthusiasts already mingle and exchange anticipation.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Orga: Frank
Frank takes care of the traders, the event location and the communication on-site.
Orga: Hansrainer
Hansrainer works on the event- and contest coordination (and all the things in the back office where no-one of us thought about :)).
Orga: Petra
Petra does “this IT thing”.
Orga: Gabi
Gabi pays attention to the corporate design, logos and that everything fits together.
Orga: Maren
Maren handles the design, communication and merchandise.
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